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08 February 2017

Some NZ Banked Track 2017 video clips

Here are some video clips in the NZ Banked Track 2017:

Senior men 500m final

Ella Benson vs Renee Teers

Elton De Souza vs Mark MacDonald

NZ Banked Track Championships 2017 results

SkateNZ have published the results of NZ Banked Track Championships 2017 that just happened over the Waitangi Weekend in Timaru:

15 January 2017

Wanganui Chronicle newspaper's report on Nationals

Please find below the article from Wanganui Chronicle local newspaper about the speed skating national championships 2017:

Wanganui in medal haul

20 November 2016

7th Annual St Johns River City Tour 2016

The 7th St Johns Club River City Tour 2016 is now finished.  Despite the weather wasn't completely cooperating, with officials, club members and parents help, we were able to run it smoothly.  Big thanks to them!

There had been many great races and we saw great performance from skaters from Hamilton to Dunedin.

Here is a link to a YouTube playlist that contains some video clips of the great races:
7th St Johns River City Tour 2016 playlist

More videos and photos coming soon...

16 February 2016

13 February 2016

Timaru Banked Track Championships 2016 photos

We have uploaded some photos of recent Timaru Banked Track Championships 2016 that was held over the Waitangi weekend.

Click here to go to our Google Photos to view

05 January 2016

Local newspaper's posts in series as the NZ Champs going pipping hot

Local newspaper Wanganui Chronicle is following the races since NZ Champs started on 29th Dec 2015.  Below are the articles they posted.  I will keep updating this post as they are posting new articles.

Gallery: 42K Marathon at the Speed Championships

Wanganui Chronicle published 17 photos of marathon races that took place on the 3rd Jan 2016.  Come here to have a look:
Gallery: 42K Marathon at the Speed Championships

03 January 2016

Footage of races in NZ Champs 2016

We are adding footage of the races to our YouTube Channel.  You can watch them individually or use the playlist NZ Speedskating Championships 2016 Wanganui.

Here is the first two on the playlist

1 - the start of senior men 10k elimination:

2 - Junior Boys Pairs 1200m relay

Some photos of NZ Champs 2016

We will be publishing photos and footage of races in the following days.  Here are the first batch of few photos.

You can also come to our Google Photos shared album NZ Champs 2016 Wanganui for more and higher resolution photos.  More photos will be added gradually to this album.

22 December 2015

Welcome to the Skate the Cemetery Circuit recreational skating marathon

We are hosting a recreational skating marathon event "Skate the Cemetery Circuit" on 3rd Jan 2016.  All are welcome!

If you are interested, you can either download the form from our website and fill it out, then bring it to our booth at Kowhai Park or Jubilee Stadium during the NZ Speed Skating Championships 2015.  Or you can grab a form from our booth during the NZ Champs 2015 and fill it out onsite.  For details of NZ Champs 2015, please see our previous post regarding that.

Here is the entry form for download.

NZ Speed Skating Championships 2015

As the Christmas coming fast, so is the NZ Speed Skating Championships 2015.  This year's NZ champs will be held here in Wanganui.  See this poster for detailed dates and venues.

12 December 2015

St. Johns Club River City Tour 2015 video

The flat track part of the tour is now live on our YouTube channel. This is a combined version that includes all races in Jubilee Stadium.

02 December 2015

St. Johns Club River City Tour 2015 on Wanganui Chronicle

Wanganui Chronicle have posted this article on today's newspaper about the tour results:

Locals steal the show

St. Johns Club River City Tour 2015 photos - part 2

We have 89 new photos added to the Google Photos Album, courtesy to Reece Hodgson's excellent photography and post-processing skills.  Enjoy!

30 November 2015

St. John's Club River City Tour 2015 Results

Hi everyone, here are the results of tour shared from our Google Drive.  Note that each grade is on its own sheet, you can switch grades by clicking the tabs at the bottom of the document.

St. Johns Club River City Tour 2015 video part 1

Thanks for the wonderful support of everyone, the St. Johns Club River City Tour 2015 concluded with great success.  We are gradually uploading some photos and footage that capture the highlights of the tour.  Watch this space for the next few weeks!

Speed skating is a fast moving sport filled with adrenaline, occasionally accidents do happen.  Most of them are minors with scratches or bruises.  Here is one that happened during the flat track race.  The footage was taken at 240fps, in other words 8 times slower than normal speed.  You can also view it from YouTube here.

27 November 2015

Skate the Cemetery Circuit event

Hi guys, we are hosting an skating event right after the New Year 2016 holidays, you are welcome to come and join us for the fun.  For more details please go to the Facebook link below:

Skate the Cemetery Circuit

26 November 2015

Top Kiwi skaters hitting Wanganui

Local newspaper Wanganui Chronicle posted this article about the upcoming St. Johns Club River City Tour 2015:

Top Kiwi skaters hitting Wanganui

03 April 2015

Banked Track, Timaru 2015

Here are a coupleof articles about the recent Banked Track Nationals in Timaru from the Wanganui Chronicle. Click on the image or heading to see the full article.

Van Bentum, Smith Wreck Rivals' Plans

30 November 2014

Wanganui River City Tour 2014 Results

Another great tour! Here are the results:
Wanganui River City Tour Results 2014

This is a google sheets spreadsheet. The different grades are on different sheets. You need to click on the correct tab at the bottom of the page to view your grade.

27 November 2014

19 October 2014

Roger Croad Speed Skating Competition 2014

This is a playlist of videos of races at the recent competition in Palmerston North.

24 June 2014

Davies burns up track in Europe

A report from the Wanganui Chronicle from Friday 20th June on Krystine's performance in the Masters World Marathon Championships in Dijon France.
Click on the link to read the article and click on the image to see more pictures of Krystine's race.

12 June 2014

Speed Skating: Skating for shot at a world title

From the Wanganui Chronicle, 12th June 2014.

Personal Best for Jess

Jess has just taken part in the Worgl round of the European In Line Cup. This is what she had to say:

"A good weekends racing in W├Ârgl with some awesome weather. A PB in my 300 time trial, 28.3 and 5th place. Made the 500m final which is a good result for me and won both the long races because the team was working for me. So first in the overall long distance and 2 overall. Split the prize money between the 3 arma girls so came home with a new watch and 90 euro each. With a lot of help from Jenny and Josie these were my best results so far."

12 April 2014

Jess in Germany

First pic of Jess at the Arena Geisingen in Germany training with the Arma Wheels Team. (click on image to enlarge).

29 March 2014

Banked Track Nationals 2014 Photos

And here they are.
The video version is here:

Click on this picture to go to the web album.

28 March 2014

National's 2014 Photographs

At last! The photos from this years nationals:

View the video here:

Click on the pic to go to the web album.

20 January 2014

Tour of Timaru

Report from Wanganui Chronicle 20th January 2014 - click on the image to read article

19 January 2014

Wanganui Excel

Report on Nationals from Wanganui Chronicle - click on image to enlarge

23 December 2013

River City Tour 2013 Photo Album

Click on the picture to go to the photo album from River City Tour
Thanks to Melissa White for the photos.

06 November 2013

River City Tour 2013 Stage 7 & 8 - senior mens' grade (+playlist)

The indoor stages of the River City Tour. Most of the heats, all of the finals and a few of the special stages. There is a seperate video for each grade and they can be watched full screen in High Definition.

20 October 2013

Areas 2013 Videos (playlist)

This is all the videos from the areas. The sprints are compiled into 2 videos with music, stage 2 is split into seperate videos and the other stages are combined into single videos. The two middle races in stage 3 are missing due to cameraman error.

Triumph at Areas

From the Wanganui Chronicle 19th October 2013

28 August 2013

Jess vs The World - 6th in the 1km.

2013 Worlds Speed Skating Championships POWERSLIDE 15 - 1k Junior Women

26 August 2013

05 June 2013

Wanganui Omnibus Date Announced

The Wanganui Winter Omnibus will be on Sunday 14th July at Jubilee Stadium.
Warm-up will be at 10am with racing starting at 10.30am.